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The Meres of North Shropshire are the second largest network of wetlands in the UK. A Mere is a small lake formed on the Permo-Triassic Sandstone overlain by glacial drift deposited during the last Ice Age. During that time, the retreating ice gouged out basins in the rock called kettle holes. These filled with rainwater and created the Meres present today. Over time, some of the Meres were filled in with vegetation which decomposed to create the peat in the Mosses. The strata stores groundwater and is the UK’s second largest aquifer, the groundwater helping to maintain the water levels in the overlying rivers, lakes and wetlands. The origin and extent of Meres is described in North Shropshire Meres & Mosses by C A Sinker.


The area is looked after by an organisation known as the North East Special Landscape, consisting of a Landscape Partnership funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and a Nature Improvement Area funded by DEFRA.


The area is very important for plants and animals, eg around 1,900 species of insect have been identified. Some of these are rare and in one case it is unique to the area. The ones most likely to be seen are :-




  Least Water Lily – unique to Colemere.




  White-Faced Darter Dragonfly


  Yellow Four-Spotted Chaser




  Water Vole










Gazetteer of Meres


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Alkmund Park Pool, Leaton Knolls (SJ480161)


Berrington Pool, Berrington (SJ525072)


Berth Pool, Baschurch (SJ430234)


Betton Pool, Bomere Heath (SJ510079)


Birchgrove Pool, Eyton (SJ435232)


Blake Mere, Newton (SJ417339)


Bomere Pool, Bayston Hill (SJ499081)


Cole Mere, Colemere (SJ433332)


Cottage Pool, Little Ness (SJ419182)


Crose Mere, Kenwick (SJ430305)


Fenemere, Marton (SJ446229)


Folly Pool, Felton Butler (SJ389168)


Hencott Pool, Leaton Knolls (SJ491161)


Isle Pool, Leaton Knolls (SJ461171)


Kettle Mere, Newton (SJ418341)


Marton Pool, Marton (SJ447234)


Millwood Mere, Newport (SJ747182)


Newton Mere, Newton (SJ425342)


Oss Mere, Whitchurch (SJ566439)


Poynton Springs, Poynton Green (SJ557178)


Shomere Pool, Bomere Heath (SJ504079)


Shrawardine Pool, Shrawardine (SJ398161)


Sweat Mere, Kenwick (SJ438306)


The Mere, Ellesmere (SJ406350)


Top Pool, Berrington (SJ520072)


White Mere, Spunhill (SJ414329)