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The earliest form of education would have been the passing down of essential skills from parents or tribal elders. Classical education like reading and writing would only have been available to children of the rich and provided by tutors. There were schools in Britain during the Roman occupation but, again, these were only open to privileged children. When St Augustine arrived in England in 597, he set up grammar schools to train priests to conduct church services and song schools to train boys to sing in the choir. The grammar schools taught Latin and other subjects such as grammar, rhetoric, logic, arithmetic, geometry, music and astronomy. Following the Norman conquest, secular schools began to flourish but they were still mostly for potential monks or priests, although education was now provided for the children of royal and noble families.


By 1100, all cathedrals and collegiate churches had schools, including Shrewsbury. By the end of the 15th Century the network of grammar and song schools had been joined by a number of independent foundation schools. These were endowed by wealthy benefactors or guilds and employed a priest to celebrate masses for the benefactors' souls and to run a school. More independent schools began to open for rich boys who paid fees and to a few poorer pupils via a scholarship. Under King Henry VIII, some of the old foundation schools were closed and an equal number of new ones were opened. Grammar schools were no longer solely controlled by the Church and mostly became private foundations supervised equally by Church and State. The abolition of monasteries in 1540 resulted in closure of any associatd school but each cathedral had to establish a grammar school.


By the beginning of the 18th Century, the curriculum was beginning to take on its modern form, with the addition of mathematics, geography, modern languages and the physical sciences. For most children, however, education was a haphazard system relying on what the parish or charity could provide. The first attempt to meet the needs of children in the growing towns and cities was that of the Charity School movement, which began to develop around the end of the 17th Century. The Elementary Education Act 1870 permitted local authorities to complement the existing elementary schools by filling in any gaps and the Elementary Education Act 1880 extended the compulsory age of attendance at school until the age of 10. The Education Act 1902 allowed local authorities to create secondary schools and the Education Act 1918 abolished fees for elementary schools.


Today, education in England is overseen by the Department for Education and about 93% of children between the ages of 3-18 are educated in state-funded schools without charge. Attendance at full-time education is compulsory at present until the age of 17 and from 2015 this will be extended to 18. Since 1998, there have been different types of maintained school in England :-


Academy Schools, established to replace poorly-performing community schools in areas of high social and economic deprivation. Their start-up costs are typically funded by private means, with running costs met by Central Government. Like Foundation Schools, they are administratively free from direct local authority control.

Community Schools, where the local authority employs the schools' staff, owns the schools' lands and buildings, and has primary responsibility for admissions.

Free Schools, set up by parents, teachers, charities or businesses, where there is a perceived local need for more schools. They are funded by taxpayers, are academically non-selective and free to attend, and like Foundation schools and Academies, are not controlled by a local authority.

Foundation Schools, where the governing body employs the staff and has primary responsibility for admissions. School land and buildings are owned by the governing body or by a charitable foundation.

Voluntary Aided Schools, linked to a religious organisation or charity. The organistion contributes towards the capital costs of the school and appoints a majority of the school governors. The governing body employs the staff and has primary responsibility for admissions.

Voluntary Controlled Schools, usually church schools with the lands and buildings often owned by a charitable foundation. However, the local authority employs the schools' staff and has primary responsibility for admissions.

City Technology Colleges, which are state-funded all-ability secondary schools which charge no fees but which are independent of local authority control.


All state-funded schools are regularly inspected by the Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted), whch publishes reports on the quality of education at a particular school on a regular basis. Schools judged by Ofsted to be providing an inadequate standard of education may be subject to special measures, which could include replacing the governing body and senior staff. Approximately 7% of school children in England attend privately run fee-paying independent schools. Some independent schools for 13-18 year olds are known for historical reasons as public schools and for 8-13 year olds as prep schools. Some schools offer scholarships for those with particular skills or aptitudes, or bursaries to allow students from less financially well-off families to attend. Independent schools do not have to follow the National Curriculum and their teachers are not required or regulated by law to have official teaching qualifications.


Nursery Schools

These (aka Preschools or Kindergartens)  provide education up to the age of 4 and children are taught the alphabet, counting, shapes and colours and designs. This period of education is very important in the formative years of the child.


Primary Schools

These (aka Elementary Schools) provide education for children between the age of 5-11, however, there are some Middle Schools which take children between the ages of 10-14. Primary schools are often subdivided into infant schools and junior school.


Secondary Schools

These provide education for children between the age of 11-16. The subjects are more formal and GCSE exams are taken.


Further Education,_2011-07-09.jpg

This provides education for children between the ages of 16-18 and some secondary schools have their own sixth form. Many areas now have separate sixth form colleges. Students can take exams at a higher level and seek entrance to higher education at colleges or universities.





Gazetteer of Sites

Acton Burnell - Concord College (SJ533019)


Adderley - Adderley CE Primary School (SJ659402)


Albrighton - St Mary's CE Primary School (SJ818043)


Alveley - Alveley Primary School (SO764846)


Ashford Carbonell - Ashford Carbonell CE Primary School (SO523709)

Closed in 2011 and replaced by Bishop Hooper CE Primary School.


Ashford Carbonell - Bishop Hooper CE Primary School (SO524711)

Opened in 2011, to replace the old primary schools in Ashford Carbonell and Caynham.


Barrow - Barrow 1618 School (SJ659001)


Baschurch - Baschurch CE Primary School (SJ425221)


Baschurch - Corbet School (SJ427221)


Bayston Hill - Oakmeadow CE Primary & Nursery School (SJ477088)


Beckbury - Beckbury CE Primary School (SJ766013)


Bedstone - Bedstone College (SO367754)


Bicton - Bicton CE Primary School (SJ446147)


Bishop’s Castle - Bishops Castle Community College (SO324883)


Bishop’s Castle - Bishop's Castle Primary School (SO319887)


Bitterley -  Bitterley CE Primary School (SO561774)


Bomere Heath - Bomere Heath Primary School (SJ474194)


Bridgnorth - Bridgnorth Endowed School (SO715935)


Bridgnorth - Castlefields Primary School (SO708925)


Bridgnorth - Oldbury Wells School (SO710925)


Bridgnorth - St John's Catholic Primary School (SO713934)


Bridgnorth - St Leonard's CE Primary School (SO713936)


Bridgnorth - St Mary's Bluecoat CE Primary School (SO724930)


Brockton - Brockton CE Primary School (SO576939)


Broseley - Broseley CE Primary School (SJ677021)


Broseley - John Wilkinson Primary School (SJ681014)


Bucknell - St Mary’s CE Primary School (SO354736)


Buildwas - Buildwas Primary School (SJ637046)


Burford - Burford CE Primary School (SO598668)


Caynham - Caynham CE Primary School (SO548730)

Built in 1834 as one of the first small village schools in the county opened by the National Society, an organisation founded in 1811 to promote education according to the principles of the Church of England. In 2011 closed and replaced by Bishop Hooper CE Primary School at Ashford Carbonell.


Cheswardine - Cheswardine Primary School (SJ720298)


Chirbury - Chirbury CE Primary School (SO262984)


Church Aston - Church Aston Infant School (SJ744177)


Church Preen - Church Preen Primary School (SO554976)


Church Stretton - Church Stretton School (SO455943)


Church Stretton - St Lawrence's Primary School (SO454942)


Claverley - Claverley CE Primary School (SO794933)


Clee Hill - Clee Hill Community Primary School (SO592751)


Cleobury Mortimer - Cleobury Mortimer Primary School (SO672760)


Cleobury Mortimer - Lacon Childe School (SO670759)


Clive - Clive CE Primary School & Nursery (SJ516240)


Clun - St George's CE Primary School & Nursery (SO298806)


Clunbury - Clunbury CE Primary School & Nursery (SO371804)


Cockshutt - Cockshutt CE Primary School & Nursery (SJ434293)


Condover - Condover CE Primary School (SJ493062)


Craven Arms - Stokesay Primary School (SO435826)


Cressage - Christ Church Primary School (SJ594041)


Crudgington - Crudgington Primary School (SJ632185)


Ditton Priors - Brown Clee CE Primary School (SO609892)


Dorrington - Dorrington CE Primary School (SJ476029)


Dudleston Heath - Criftins CE Primary School (SJ367361)


Edgmond - St Peter's CE Primary School (SJ722195)


Ellesmere - Ellesmere College (SJ399334)


Ellesmere - Ellesmere Primary School (SJ394349)


Ellesmere - Lakelands Academy (SJ394344)


Farlow - Farlow CE Primary School (SO640806)


Ford - Trinity CE Primary School (SJ415132)


Gobowen - Gobowen Primary School (SJ302339)


Hadnall - Hadnall CE Primary School (SJ522197)


Hanwood - St Thomas & St Anne's CE Primary School (SJ436094)


High Ercall - High Ercall Primary School (SJ593172)


Highley - Highley Community Primary School (SO736838)


Hinstock - Hinstock Primary School (SJ693267)


Hodnet - Hodnet Primary School (SJ615280)


Hope - Hope CE Primary School (SJ340016)


Hopton Wafers - Hopton Wafers Primary School (SO636764)

Closed in 2012 and pupils moved to other schools.


Kinlet - Kinlet CE Primary School (SO719802)


Kinnerley - Kinnerley CE Primary School (SJ338206)


Leaton - Overley Hall School (SJ612110)


Lilleshall - Lilleshall Primary School (SJ731156)


Little Ness - Adcote School (SJ418194)


Longden - Longden CE Primary School (SJ441065)


Longnor - Longnor CE Primary School (SJ489005)


Lower Heath - Lower Heath CE Primary School (SJ574327)


Ludlow - Hilltop Special School (SO514763)

Closed in 2002.


Ludlow - Ludlow CE School (SO505757)


Ludlow - Ludlow College (SO509746)


Ludlow - Ludlow Infant & Nursery School (SO518752)


Ludlow - Ludlow Junior School (SO522753)


Ludlow - Moor Park School (SO501714)


Ludlow - St Laurence CE Primary School (SO514745)


Lydbury North - Lydbury North CE Primary School (SO350859)


Maesbury - Maesbury Primary School (SJ308257)

Closed in 2011 and pupils moved to other schools.


Market Drayton - Grove School (SJ679343)


Market Drayton - Longlands Community Primary School (SJ678346)


Market Drayton - Market Drayton Infant School (SJ671341)


Market Drayton - Market Drayton Junior School (SJ667339)


Minsterley - Minsterley Primary School (SJ374046)


Morda - Morda CE Primary School (SJ288275)


Moreton Say - Moreton Say CE Primary School (SJ630345)


Morville - Morville CE Primary School (SO669941)


Much Wenlock - Much Wenlock Primary School (SO624994)


Much Wenlock - William Brookes School (SJ623006)


Myddle - Myddle CE Primary School (SJ469238)


Nesscliffe - Saint Andrew's CE Primary School (SJ382197)


Newcastle upon Clun - Newcastle CE Primary School (SO248824)


Newport - Adams' Grammar School (SJ743191)


Newport - Burton Borough School (SJ751186)


Newport - Castle House School (SJ744195)


Newport - Moorfield Primary School (SJ743183)


Newport - Newport CE Junior School (SJ747187)


Newport - Newport Girls' High School (SJ743184)


Newport - Newport Infant School (SJ748185)


Newport - St Peter & St Paul Catholic Primary School (SJ744202)


Newtown - Newtown CE Primary School (SJ477317)


Norton-in-Hales - Norton-in-Hales CE Primary School (SJ702384)


Onibury - Onny CE Primary School (SO455791)


Oswestry - Beech Grove CE Junior School (SJ298294)

Closed in 2009 and merged with Holy Trinity CE Primary School


Oswestry - Holy Trinity CE Primary School (SJ298294)

Opened in 2009 from merger of Beech Grove CE Junior School and Oswestry Infant School


Oswestry - Oswestry Infant School (SJ299295)

Closed in 2009 and merged with Holy Trinity CE Primary School


Oswestry - Oswestry School (SJ283292)


Oswestry - Our Lady & St Oswald's Catholic Primary School (SJ286292)


Oswestry - The Marches School (SJ286288)


Oswestry - The Meadows Primary School (SJ302301)


Oswestry - Woodside Primary School (SJ292303)


Pant - Bryn Offa CE Primary School (SJ272220)


Pontesbury - Mary Webb School & Science College (SJ403058)


Pontesbury - Pontesbury CE Primary School (SJ403057)


Prees - Prees CE Primary School & Nursery (SJ556334)


Preston upon the Weald Moors - St Lawrence CE Primary School (SJ680155)


Richard’s Castle - Moor Park Preparatory School (SO501714)


Rushbury - Rushbury CE Primary School (SO513197)


Ruyton XI Towns - Packwood Haugh School (SJ391230)


Ruyton-XI-Towns - St John the Baptist CE Primary School (SJ393221)


Selattyn - Selattyn CE Primary School (SJ267339)


Shawbury - Shawbury Primary School (SJ560219)

Closed in 2011 and merged with St Mary’s CE Primary School


Shawbury - St Mary’s CE Primary School (SJ558208)


Sheriffhales - Sheriffhales Primary School (SJ757119)


Shifnal - Idsall School (SJ754083)


Shifnal - St Andrew's CE Primary School (SJ749069)


Shifnal - Shifnal Primary School (SJ753081)


Shrewsbury - Belvidere Primary School (SJ514130)


Shrewsbury - Belvidere School (SJ514128)


Shrewsbury - Coleham Primary School (SJ494120)


Shrewsbury - Crowmoor Primary School & Nursery (SJ510127)


Shrewsbury - Grange Primary School (SJ500156)


Shrewsbury - Grange School (SJ501154)


Shrewsbury - Greenacres Primary School (SJ502162)


Shrewsbury - Greenfields Primary School (SJ493139)


Shrewsbury - Harlescott Junior School (SJ517152)


Shrewsbury - Holy Cross CE Junior School (SJ510110)

Closed in 2009 and merged with Mereside CE Primary School


Shrewsbury - Martin Wilson Primary School (SJ502137)


Shrewsbury - Meole Brace CE Primary School & Nursery (SJ484103)


Shrewsbury - Meole Brace School Science College (SJ481107)


Shrewsbury - Mereside CE Primary School (SJ510110)

Created in 2009 from merger of Holy Cross CE Primary School and Springfield Infant School


Shrewsbury - Mount Pleasant Primary School (SJ496144)


Shrewsbury - Oxon CE Primary School (SJ458129)


Shrewsbury - Prestfelde Preparatory School (SJ508118)


Shrewsbury - Radbrook Primary School (SJ475113)


Shrewsbury - Severndale Specialist Academy (SJ510137)


Shrewsbury - Shrewsbury Cathedral Catholic Primary School (SJ501137)


Shrewsbury - Shrewsbury College of Arts & Technology (SJ512113)


Shrewsbury - Shrewsbury High School (SJ489121)


Shrewsbury - Shrewsbury School (SJ483121)


Shrewsbury - Shrewsbury Sixth Form College (SJ487126)


Shrewsbury - Springfield Infant School (SJ510109)

Closed in 2009 and merged with Mereside CE Primary School


Shrewsbury - St George's Junior School (SJ478126)


Shrewsbury - St Giles' CE Primary School (SJ512124)


Shrewsbury - St Mary's Catholic Primary School (SJ501137)

See Shrewsbury Cathedral Catholic Primary School


Shrewsbury - St Winefride's RC Independent School (SJ492123)


Shrewsbury - Sundorne Infant School & Nursery (SJ512149)


Shrewsbury - Sundorne School & Sports College (SJ500154)


Shrewsbury - The Priory School (SJ481112)


Shrewsbury - Wilfred Owen Primary School (SJ510137)


Shrewsbury - Woodfield Infant School (SJ477126)


St Martin’s - Rhyn Park Secondary School (SJ315361)

Merged with St Martin’s School as the Secondary Department.


St Martin’s - St Martin's Primary School (SJ325371)

Merged with St Martin’s School as the Primary Department.


St Martin’s - St Martin's School (Primary Department) (SJ325371)


St Martin’s - St Martin's School (Secondary Department) (SJ315361)


Stiperstones - Stiperstones CE Primary School (SJ361003)


Stoke-on-Tern - Stoke-on-Tern Primary School (SJ654284)


Stottesdon - Stottesdon CE Primary School (SO673827)


Telford - Abraham Darby Academy (SJ683040)


Telford - Aqueduct Primary School (SJ690058)


Telford - Apley Wood Primary School (SJ662129)


Telford - Captain Webb Primary School (SJ682068)


Telford - Castle Homes Upper Forge (SJ667040)


Telford - Charlton School (SJ647130)


Telford - Coalbrookdale & Ironbridge CE Primary School (SJ666038)


Telford - Dawley CE Primary School (SJ681073)


Telford - Donnington Wood CE Junior School (SJ702130)


Telford - Donnington Wood Infant School & Nursery Centre (SJ705135)


Telford - Grange Park Primary School (SJ709067)

Merged 2010 with Three Oaks Primary School


Telford - Hadley Learning Community (SJ672116)


Telford - Haughton School (SJ703044)


Telford - Hollinswood Primary School & Nursery (SJ704083)


Telford - Holmer Lake Primary School (SJ705058)


Telford - John Fletcher of Madeley Primary School (SJ693039)


Telford - John Randall Primary School & Nursery (SJ704043)


Telford - Ladygrove Primary School (SJ681080)


Telford - Lakeside Academy (SJ706066)


Telford - Lawley Primary School (SJ671091)


Telford - Lightmoor Village Primary School (SJ671061)


Telford - Madeley Academy (SJ691061)


Telford - Meadows Primary School (SJ677104)


Telford - Millbrook Primary School (SJ664121)


Telford - Mount Gilbert School (SJ690071)


Telford - Muxton Primary School (SJ718137)


Telford - Newdale Primary School & Nursery (SJ679096)


Telford - Old Park Primary School (SJ692083)


Telford - Priorslee Primary Academy (SJ713099)


Telford - Queensway Hadley Learning Centre (SJ672136)


Telford - Queenswood Primary School (SJ695098)


Telford - Randlay Primary School & Nursery (SJ704074)


Telford - Redhill Primary School (SJ719106)


Telford - Sir Alexander Fleming Primary School & Nursery (SJ702035)


Telford - Southall School (SJ690066)


Telford - St George's CE Primary School (SJ706105)


Telford - St Luke's Catholic Primary School (SJ694126)


Telford - St Mary's Catholic Primary School (SJ699046)


Telford - St Matthew's CE Primary School (SJ710129)


Telford - Sutherland Co-operative Academy (SJ696129)


Telford - Teagues Bridge Primary School (SJ689123)


Telford - Telford Campus Wolverhampton University (SJ713096)


Telford - Thomas Telford School (SJ691090)


Telford - The Bridge School (SJ675108)


Telford - The Phoenix Academy (SJ683068)


Telford - Three Oaks Primary School (SJ709067)

Closed 2010 and merged with Grange Park Primary School


Telford - William Reynolds Primary School (SJ682044)


Telford - Windmill Primary School (SJ700059)


Telford - Wombridge Primary School (SJ691109)


Telford - Woodlands Primary School (SJ685043)


Telford - Wrockwardine Wood Arts Academy (SJ695118)


Telford - Wrockwardine Wood Infant School & Nursery (SJ696125)


Telford - Wrockwardine Wood CE Junior School (SJ694128)


Tern Hill - Buntingsdale Primary School & Nursery (SJ650319)


Tibberton - Tibberton Primary School (SJ681202)


Tilstock - Tilstock CE Primary School (SJ543379)


Upton Magna - St Lucia's CE Primary School (SJ555124)


Walford - Walford & North Shropshire College - Oswestry Campus (SJ3012990)


Walford - Walford & North Shropshire College - Walford Campus (SJ435205)


Wellington - Blessed Robert Johnson Catholic College (SJ650124)


Wellington - Dothill Primary School (SJ645127)


Wellington - Ercall Wood Technology College (SJ651106)


Wellington - New College (SJ656113)


Wellington - Short Wood Primary School (SJ655108)


Wellington - St Patrick's Catholic Primary School (SJ646122)


Wellington - St Peter's CE Primary School (SJ636135)


Wellington - Telford College of Arts & Technology (SJ663112)


Wellington - The Old Hall School (SJ658116)


Wellington - Wrekin College (SJ657117)


Wellington - Wrekin View Primary School & Nursery (SJ647121)


Welshampton - Welshampton CE Primary School (SJ434350)


Wem - St Peter’s CE Primary School (SJ515292)


Wem - Thomas Adams School (SJ509292)


Wem - The Woodlands Centre (SJ514268)


West Felton - West Felton CE Primary School (SJ349257)


Westbury - St Mary's CE Primary School (SJ357095)


Westoncommon - Weston Lullingfields CE Primary School (SJ433260)


Weston Rhyn - Moreton Hall School (SJ295357)


Weston Rhyn - Weston Rhyn Primary School (SJ289360)


Whitchurch - Whitchurch CE Infant & Nursery School (SJ547413)


Whitchurch -- Whitchurch CE Junior School (SJ547414)


Whitchurch - Sir John Talbot's Technology College (SJ545403)


Whitchurch - White House School (SJ548400)


Whittington - Whittington CE Primary School (SJ326308)


Whixall - Whixall CE Primary School (SJ504350)


Wistanstow - Wistanstow CE Primary School (SO432856)


Woore - Woore Primary School (SJ730421)


Worfield - Worfield Endowed CE Primary School (SO759955)