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Another Day (Mining Memorials)


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Child Labour 1842


Classification & Grading of NCB Day Wage Men in 1952


Classification of NCB Occupations in 1952


Discovering Shropshire’s History


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English Heritage Properties in Shropshire


Environmental Change During Last 13,000 Years


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Listed Buildings in Shropshire


Map of Coalfields of Great Britiain


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National Trust Properties in Shropshire




Patience Kershaw 1852 (poem)


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Women in Mines


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Brickmaking in the Medway Area


Caves & Tunnels of South East England 


Chalk Mining and Associated Industries of Frindsbury, Kent


Deeside East Mine Trail 


Deeside West Mine Trail 


Derbyshire Miners in Sussex


Memories of Chislet Colliery, Kent


Mines of Cyprus


Mines of Murcia, Spain


Mining Remains in the Isle of Man


Mining West of Chesterfield, Derbyshire


Surviving Headgears in 2006


Surviving Engine Houses in 2006


Working Mines in 2006


Wrexham North Mine Trail 


Wrexham South Mine Trail