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The period of history from 2000 to date is one of great technical development but there has been a corresponding decline in heavy industry and personal finance as a result of recession. Britain continued to get involved in global conflicts in which Shropshire inhabitants got involved.



2000 – Millennium celebrations take place all over Shropshire.


2001 – Afghan War starts.


2003 – Iraq War. New Bucks Head Stadium opened for Telford United Football Club.


2004 – Telford United Football Club wound up and replaced by AFC Telford United


2006 – The Severn Radio starts broadcasting to North and Central Shropshire.


2007 – Shrewsbury Town Football Club moved to new ground at New Meadow. Widespread flooding in Shropshire, repeated the following year.


2008 – Worldwide banking crisis and several British banks assisted by Government. Wrexham & Shropshire rail services introduce a direct rail route from Shropshire to London.


2009 – Shropshire County Council changes name to Shropshire Council.


2011 – Wrexham & Shropshire rail services cease.


2012 – Signal 107 Radio starts broadcasting to Shropshire.


2013 – British Telecom and Shropshire Council signed a £25 million deal to allow almost every home and business in Shropshire to access high speed internet connections by the summer of 2016.


2016 – Queen Elizabeth celebrates her 90th birthday and 64 years as queen.



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