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Shropshire is a romantic county with lots of history and legends. It is no surprise therefore that a number of fictional novels are based on its places and characters. The list below includes authors who based their books on Shropshire, whether they were born here or not. It does not include poems or non-fiction.


Alan Shaw

Shaw is not from Shropshire but one of his books is based here.

The Shrewsbury Murders 2015


Anne Turnbull

Turnbull was born in Hertford but spent some time in Shropshire, on which she based several of her books.

No Friend of Mine 1994

No Shame So Far 2003

Pigeon Summer 1992

Room for a Stranger 1996


Catherine Cooper

Catherine was a teacher before turning her hand to writing children’s books with myth and magic.

Book of Dragon Lore 2012

Glasruhen Gate 2011

Hanging Gate Hall 2013

Silver Hill 2011

The Golden Acorn 2010

The Lost Treasure of Annwn 2012

The New Neighbours 2010

The Oak Lord 2013

The Pirate Ship 2011

The Wichen Tree 2015


Charles Dickens (1812 - 1870)

Dickens was born in Portsmouth but stayed in Shropshire many times over the years. His novels include a number of references to Shropshire people and places, ie Shrewsbury's Lion Hotel on Wyle Cop and Wroxeter Roman city. Miss Haversham is based on Elizabeth Parker of Chetwynd Hall and Little Nell from is buried in Tong Churchyard.

Great Expectations 1861

The Old Curiosity Shop 1840


Cindy Beadman,

Beadman was born near Shrewsbury and her book is based on Shropshire.

The Dark Secret of Cold Coffinswell 2015


D H Lawrence (1885-1930)

Lawrence was born in Nottinghamshire but must have visited Shropshire at least once since he refers in one of his books to the Devil's Chair on the Stiperstones.

St Mawr 1925


Ellis Peters (1913 -1995)

Edith Pargeter (her real name) was born in Horsehay and spent her life in Shropshire. She is best known for her Cadfael novels, based on Shrewsbury Abbey.

A Rare Benedictine 1988

An Excellent Mystery 1985

Brother Cadfael's Penance 1994

Dead Man's Ransom 1984

Monk's Hood 1980

Morbid Taste for Bones 1977

One Corpse Too Many 1979

Saint Peter's Fair 1981

The Confession of Brother Haluin 1988

The Devil's Novice 1983

The Heretic's Apprentice 1989

The Hermit of Eyton Forest 1987

The Holy Thief 1992

The Leper of Saint Giles 1981

The Pilgrim of Hate 1984

The Potter's Field 1989

The Raven in the Foregate 1986

The Rose Rent 1986

The Sanctuary Sparrow 1983

The Summer of the Danes 1991

The Virgin in the Ice 1982


E.M. Forster (1879 - 1970)

Forster was born in London but sent some time in Shropshire. In one of his books he renamed Clun to Oniton.

Howard's End 1910


Ivan Jones

Jones was born in Shropshire and educated at Adam's Grammar School in Newport. He is best known for his Ghost Hunter series of books which are based on Shropshire.

The Ghost Hunter 1998

The Ghost Hunter at Chillwood Castle 2000

The Ghost Hunter's House of Horror 2001


John Challis

Challis was born in Bristol and is best known for his role as Boycie in Only Fools and Horses. He moved to live in Shropshire and his book is based here.

Reggie - a Stag at Bay 2013


Malcolm Saville (1901-1982)

Saville was born in Hastings but spent much time in Shropshire on holiday. He is best known for the Lone Pine series of children's adventure books, most of which are set in Shropshire, and encouraged many children to take an interest in the countryside (include the website owner). The text may now sound a bit old fashioned and posh but the adventures are superb.

Home to Witchend (1978)

Lone Pine Five (1949)

Lone Pine London (1957)

Man with Three Fingers (1966)

Mystery at Witchend (1943)

Mystery Mine (1959)

Not Scarlet but Gold (1962)

Rye Royal (1969)

Saucers over the Moor (1955)

Sea Witch Comes Home (1960)

Seven White Gates (1944)

Strangers at Witchend (1970)

The Elusive Grasshopper (1951)

The Gay Dolphin Adventure (1945)

The Neglected Mountain (1953)

The Secret of Grey Walls (1947)

The Secret of the Gorge (1958)

Treasure at Amorys (1964)

Where's My Girl? (1972)

Wings over Witchend (1956)


Mary Webb (1881-1927)

Webb was born at Leighton and lived at several places in Shropshire. She used many Shropshire places in her writing, with references to Bishop’s Castle, Church Stretton, Craven Arms, Habberley, Long Mynd and Stiperstones.

Golden Arrow 1917

Gone to Earth 1916

Precious Bane 1924


P G Wodehouse (1881-1975)

Wodehouse was born in Guildford but spent some time in Shropshire on holidays. He based his Blandings Castle, which appears in several of his novels, on Weston Park. The tiny hamlet of Blandings Parva, lying directly outside the castle gates, is the real Weston under Lizard and the town of Market Blandings is Much Wenlock.  Matchingham Hall, home to Sir Gregory Parsloe-Parsloe, is probably Chillington Hall.

A Pelican at Blandings 1969

Blandings Castle and Elsewhere 1935

Full Moon 1947

Galahad at Blandings 1965

Heavy Weather 1933

Leave it to Psmith 1923

Lord Emsworth and Others 1937

Nothing Serious 1950

Pigs Have Wings 1952

Plum Pie 1966

Service with a Smile 1961

Something Fresh 1915

Summer Lightning 1929

Sunset at Blandings 1977

Uncle Fred in the Springtime 1939


Sheena Porter  

Porter lives in Ludlow and writes children’s books. One is based in Shropshire.

Nordy Band 1964


William Wycherley (1640 - 1716)

Wycherley was born at Clive Hall near Wem. Although he spent most of his writing career in London, he often retreated to Shropshire to avoid his pursuing creditors. He wrote two comedy plays based on Shropshire.

The Country Wife 1675

The Plain Dealer 1676