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Public Houses (commonly just called pubs) are an integral part of British culture. Their origin was back in Roman times when Taverns catered for large numbers of off-duty Roman soldiers or for travelers on the roads. At that time they mostly sold wine as well as food to be consumed on the premises. The Anglo-Saxons were mostly beer drinkers, however, and so the establishments became known as Alehouses.


A traveler in the early Middle Ages could obtain overnight accommodation in monasteries but soon the demand grew with the popularity of pilgrimages and travel. As a result, many public houses began to offer accommodation overnight in addition to their normal services. These new establishments were known as Inns. In later years some Inns became regular stops on the routes of stagecoaches, where the horses could be changed and the passengers could either rest for a while or even stay overnight. These establishments became known as Coaching Inns.



During the 18th Century, the availability of cheap gin in Gin Shops led to drunkenness and lawlessness, said to lead to the ruination and degradation of the working classes. As a result, the Government brought in the Gin Act of 1736 that imposed high taxes on retailers. This led to riots in the streets and the duty was gradually reduced and then abolished in 1742. The Gin Act of 1751 forced distillers to sell only to licensed retailers and brought gin shops under the jurisdiction of local magistrates.



The Beer Act of 1830 introduced premises called Beer Houses that were permitted to sell beer. At the time, beer was frequently drunk by all of the family instead of water, which was often polluted. The Government’s plan was that the availability of cheap beer would stop people from drinking gin. Under the Act, any ratepayer could make a payment of two guineas for a license to sell beer or cider in his home and to brew his own beer. Beer houses were not allowed to open on Sundays and the beer was usually served in jugs or dispensed from wooden barrels on a table in the corner of the room. Profits were often so high that the owners were able to buy the house next door to live in, turning every room in their former home into bars and lounges for customers.


There was a huge increase in the number of Beer Houses so in 1869 new licensing laws were introduced to make it harder to get a license. The new licensed premises were now known as Public Houses. From the mid-19th Century, opening hours of licensed premises in the UK were restricted. The restrictions were tightened even more by the Defence of the Realm Act of 1914, which restricted pubs' opening hours to 12 noon – 2.30pm and 6.30pm – 9.30pm. The reason for this was that output from munition workers was being affected by the effect of alcohol consumed.


During the 20th Century, licensing laws were progressively relaxed and this led to disparity in different counties. It was not unknown for drinkers to rush from one pub over the county boundary to another where closing time was later. Some Scottish and Welsh counties remained officially "dry" on Sundays. From the 1960s onwards, licensing laws became even more relaxed and the Licensing Act of 2003 consolidated the many laws into a single Act. This allowed pubs in England and Wales to apply to the local council for the opening hours of their choice.


Most pubs offer a range of beers, wines, spirits, soft drinks and snacks. In recent years they have also begun to offer cooked meals. Many pubs are owned by breweries and the landlord either leases the premises from them as a Tenant or is directly employed as a Manager. These are known as Tied Houses and the landlord is required to buy at least some of its beer from that brewery. Other pubs where the landlord owns the premises are known as Free Houses and they are able to freely choose the beers they sell.



The arrangement of Tied Houses used to lead to the situation where a brewery tied nearly every pub in an area so that it became very hard to drink anything but its beer. The breweries also phased out cask beer in favour of keg beer which was easier to maintain. This led a number of keen beer drinkers to set up an organisation called Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA). Pressure from CAMRA and other drinkers led to the breweries backtracking and allowing “real ale” to be served in their pubs. It also encouraged a lot of micro-breweries to be set up to produce real ale.


Until the 1970s, most pubs had an attached shop called an off-license for the sales of alcoholic drink for home consumption. However, new supermarkets and high street stores began to undercut the off-license prices so much that most pubs quickly closed their off-license counters.


Hotels offer similar services to Inns but tend to concentrate on the accommodation side more and only offer a single room as a bar.


Bars tend to cater for a younger clientele with specialist drinks like cocktails and entertainment. Many bars have a happy hour to encourage off-peak patronage by offering drinks at cheaper prices.




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Gazetteer of Pubs



Monkmoor Rd, Monkmoor SY2 5AZ


Abel’s Harp

Bromlow SY5 0EA

Previously known as Callow Inn


Acorn [see Hop & Friar]

St Juliens Friars, Shrewsbury SY1 1XL


Acton Arms

Haughton Ridge, Morville WV16 4RJ

Marstons Brewery



High St, Cleobury Mortimer DY14 8DQ


Admiral Benbow

Swan Hill, Shrewsbury SY1 1NF

Took over premises of Talbot Tap


Admiral Duncan Inn

Shrewsbury Rd, Newtown, Baschurch SY4 2AY


Affcot Lodge

A49, Upper Affcot SY6 6RL



Smithfield Rd, Shrewsbury SY1 1PB

Stands for Albert Lounge Bar


Albion Inn

High St, Broseley TF12 5EY


Albion Inn

Station Hill, St George’s TF2 9AD

Marstons Brewery


Albion Vaults

Castle Foregate, Shrewsbury SY1 2DJ

Opened 1856. Marstons Brewery


Alexandra Inn

Slaney St, Oakengates TF2 6ET


All Labour in Vain [CLOSED]

Wellington Rd, Horsehay


All Nations

Coalport Rd, Madeley TF7 5DP


Anchor Inn

B4368, Anchor SY7 8PR


Anchor Inn [CLOSED]

Court St, Madeley


Anchor Inn

Frankwell, Shrewsbury SY3 8JR


Anchor Inn

Gloucester Rd, Harlescott SY1 3PR


Anchor Inn

Pepper St, Whitchurch SY13 1BG


Angel [CLOSED]

Broad St, Ludlow


Angel [CLOSED]

Milk St,  Shrewsbury


Anvil Inn

Aston Rd, Shifnal TF11 8DU


Apley Arms

Shawbirch Rd, Shawbirch TF1 3QA

Toby Carvery chain


Apple Tree

A49, Onibury SY7 9AW


Archway Inn [see Jaspers]

Victoria St, Shifnal TF11 8AF


Arleston Inn

Arleston Lane, Wellington TF1 2LA



Victoria Ave, Shrewsbury SY3 8LH

Brunning & Price chain



Shoplatch, Shrewsbury SY1 1HF



Wellington Rd, Church Aston TF10 9EJ

Previously known as Last inn



Church St, Wellington TF1 1DD


Bache Arms

High St, Highley WV16 6JU


Bailey’s Venue Bar

High St, Shrewsbury

Previously known as Black Bull in Paradise


Bailey’s Wine Bar

High St, Bridgnorth WV16 4DX


Bakers Arms

Green Lane, Orleton SY8 4JB

Previously known as Maidenhead



Bridge St, Bridgnorth WV16 4BE


Bandon Arms

Mill St, Bridgnorth WV15 5AG

Marstons Brewery


Bar 67

High St, Broseley TF12 5EX



High St, Newport TF10 7AQ

Previously known as Barley Mow


Barley Mow [CLOSED]

Bell St, Wellington


Barley Mow

Chapel Lane, Trefonen SY10 9DX


Barley Mow

Court St, Madeley TF7 5EB

Marstons Brewery


Barley Mow

Gower St, St George’s TF2 9BG


Barley Mow [see Barley]

High St, Newport TF10 7AQ


Baron of Beef

Chapel Lawn Rd, Bucknell SY7 0AH


Bassa Villa

Cartway, Bridgnorth WV16 4BG


Bath Tavern [CLOSED]

Bath Rd, Ironbridge



Ironbridge Rd, Madeley



Market St, Wellington TF1 1BP


Beacon Hotel

Copthorne Rd, Copthorne SY3 8LP


Bear Hotel

Drayton Rd, Hodnet TF9 3NH


Bear Inn

Northgate, Bridgnorth WV16 4ET


Beaten Track

Old Potts Way, Sutton SY3 7ET



Lythwood Rd, Bayston Hill SY3 0NT

Marstons Brewery



Curriers Lane, Shifnal TF11 8EQ


Beehive [CLOSED]

Milk St,  Shrewsbury


Bell [CLOSED 2008]

The Fields, Donnington Wood


Bell Inn

Lower St, Cleobury Mortimer DY14 8AA


Bell Inn

Main Rd, Cross Houses SY5 6JJ


Bell Inn

Newport Rd, Tong TF11 8PS

Marstons Brewery


Bell & Bails

Church St, St George’s TF2 9LT

Marstons Brewery


Bell & Talbot

Salop St, Bridgnorth WV16 4QE

Odley Inns


Bell Hotel

Church St, Oswestry SY11 2SZ


Bell Vue [CLOSED]

Chapel Bank, Wrockwardine Wood


Belle Vue Tavern

Belle Vue Rd, Belle Vue SY3 7NJ


Bellstone [CLOSED]

Bellstone, Shrewsbury



Crowmere Rd, Monkmoor SY2 5LA


Bennetts End Inn

Hope Bagot Lane, Knowbury SY8 3LL


Bird in Hand

Ellesmere Rd, Coton Hill SY1 2DZ


Bird in Hand [CLOSED]

The Nabb, Wrockwardine Wood


Bird in Hand

Waterloo St, Ironbridge TF8 7HG


Black Bear

High St, Whitchurch SY13 1AZ


Black Boy Inn [CLOSED]

Cartway, Bridgnorth


Black Bull in Paradise [see Bailey’s Venue Bar]

High St, Shrewsbury

Opened 1998 in former premises of the Criterion. In 2004 changed name to Baileys Venue Bar


Black Horse

B4398, Maesbrook SY10 8QG


Black Horse [CLOSED]

King St, Wellington


Black Horse [CLOSED 2007]

Market St, Oakengates


Black Horse Hotel

Bridge St, Bridgnorth WV15 6AF


Black Lion

Salop Rd, Oswestry SY11 2RJ


Black Lion [CLOSED]

Welsh St, Bishop’s Castle


Black Lion Hotel

Scotland St, Ellesmere SY12 0EG

Marstons Brewery


Black Swan

Lloyds Head, Jackfield TF8 7LZ


Blacksmiths Arms [CLOSED]



Block House [CLOSED]

Waterloo St, Ironbridge


Blount Arms

Forest Park, Cleobury Mortimer DY14 9BE


Blue Boar

Mill St, Ludlow SY8 1BB


Blue Pig

Capewell Rd, Trench TF2 6QQ

Previously known as Shropshire Arms, Marstons Brewery


Boars Head

Belle Vue Rd, Belle Vue SY3 7LL

Marstons Brewery


Boars Head

Church St, Bishop’s Castle SY9 5AE


Boars Head

Willow St, Oswestry SY11 1AF

Marstons Brewery


Boars Head Hotel

Belle Vue Rd, Belle Vue SY3 7LL


Boat House

New St, Shrewsbury SY3 8JQ


Boat Inn

Jackfield, Ironbridge TF8 7LS

Marstons Brewery


Boot [CLOSED 1878]


Closed by the Duke of Sutherland for unsavoury conduct


Boscobel Tavern

Naird Lane, Stirchley TF3 1FH


Bottle & Glass Inn

Picklescott SY6 6NR


Boycott Arms

Upper Ludstone WV5 7DH


Boyne Arms

Bridgnorth Rd, Burwarton WV16 6QH


Bradford Arms

Knockin SY10 8HJ


Bradford Arms

The Street, Llanymynech SY22 6EJ


Brady’s Bar [see Vaults]

Castle Gates, Shrewsbury SY1 2AB

Previously known as  Castle Inn


Brewery Inn

High St, Coalport TF8 7HZ


Brewery Tap

Railway Shed, Station Rd, Ludlow SY8 2PQ



Abbey Foregate, Shrewsbury SY2 6BD


Bridge Hotel [CLOSED]

A488, Minsterley


Bricklayers Arms

Copthorne Rd, Copthorne SY3 8NL

Joule’s Brewery


Bricklayers Arms [CLOSED]

Lower Old St, Ludlow



Wombridge Rd, Trench TF2 6RJ


Bridge Builder

Wrekin Retail Park, Wellington TF1 2DE

Fayre & Square chain


Bridge Inn

Corve St, Ludlow SY8 1DX

Previously known as Queens Arms Inn



Bridges, Ratlinghope


Bridgwater Arms

Higher Rd, Harmer Hill SY4 3DS


Britannia [CLOSED 1970s]

Castle St, Hadley


Britannia [see Shrewsbury Hotel]

Mardol, Shrewsbury SY1 1PU

Previously known as the Harp


Britannia [CLOSED]


Mentioned in 1841 Census


Britannia Inn

Aqueduct Rd, Stirchley TF3 1BX


Britannia Inn

Castle Foregate, Shrewsbury SY1 2EJ


Britannia Inn [CLOSED 19th Century]

The Werps, Jackfield


Brooklands Hotel

Mill Rd, Meole Brace SY3 9JT


Bucks Head

A442, Long Lane TF6 6HA


Bucks Head

High St, Church Stretton SY6 6BX

Marstons Brewery


Bucks Head [CLOSED]

Watling St, Wellington


Buffalo Inn [CLOSED]

The Square, Clun



Bridge St, Bridgnorth


Bull Hotel

The Bullring, Ludlow SY8 1AD

Marstons Brewery


Bull Inn

Butcher Row, Shrewsbury SY1 1UW

Open since at least 1624. Marstons Brewery


Bull in the Barne

The Mount, Shrewsbury SY3 8PW


Bulls Head

B4555, Chelmarsh WV16 6BA


Bulls Head

Castle Gates, Shrewsbury SY1 2AD

Opened in 1832. Marstons Brewery


Bulls Head

Milners Lane, Dawley TF4 2LJ


Bulls Head

Rodington SY4 4QS


Bulls Head [CLOSED 1975]

Trench Rd, Trench

Demolished during development of Trench Lock


Bulls Head

Watergate St, Whitchurch SY13 1DP333


Bull Ring Bar

Salop St, Oswestry SY11 2NR


Burlton Inn

Ellesmere Rd, Burlton SY4 5TB

Robinsons Brewery


Bush [CLOSED 2000s]

High St, Hadley



West St, St George’s TF2 9HY


Butchers Arms

B4398, Wern, Weston Rhyn SY10 7LH


Butchers Arms [CLOSED 19th Century]

Butcher Row, Shrewsbury


Butchers Arms

Willow St, Oswestry SY11 1JL


Butchers Bar

High St, Broseley TF12 5EX


C21 Bar

Abbey Foregate, Shrewsbury SY2 6AE

Linked with Peach Tree Bar and Spirit Champagne Bar


Callow Inn [see Abel’s Harp]

Bromlow SY5 0EA

Previously known as Drum & Monkey


Canal Tavern [CLOSED]

New Park Rd, Shrewsbury


Cape of Good Hope

B4363, Billingsley WV16 6PG


Captain Webb

Bagley Drive, Wellington TF1 3NP


Carpenters Arms [CLOSED]

Whitburn St, Bridgnorth



A41, Bletchley TF9 3RZ


Castle Hotel

High St, Wem SY4 5AA

Joule’s Brewery


Castle Hotel

Market Square, Bishop’s Castle SY9 5BH


Castle Inn [see Brady’s Bar]

Castle Gates, Shrewsbury SY1 2AB

Mentioned in 1829


Castle Inn [CLOSED 2009]

Old Coleham, Coleham


Castle Tavern

Bailey Head, Oswestry SY11 1PZ

Marstons Brewery


Castle Vaults [see Castle Inn]

Castle Gates, Shrewsbury SY1 2AB

Alternative name for Castle Inn


Champion Jockey [CLOSED 2008]

Wrekin Drive, Donnington


Chang Tai Bar

Market St, Ludlow SY8 1BP


Charles Darwin

Sutton Rd, Sutton SY2 6HN

Marstons Brewery


Charlton [CLOSED]



Charlton Arms [CLOSED 2006]

Church St, Wellington


Charlton Arms Hotel

Ludford Bridge, Ludlow SY8 1PJ


Cherry Tree Hotel [CLOSED]

Heath Rd, Prees Heath


Cheshire Cheese

Doseley Rd, Doseley TF4 3BB


Chetwode Arms

A51, Pipe Gate TF9 4HD



Watling St, Wellington TF1 2NH


Church Inn

The Buttercross, Ludlow SY8 1AW


Church Wickets

Church Rd, Dawley TF4 2AS


Cider House

Wooton WV15 6EB


Cleveland Arms

Shrewsbury Rd, High Ercall TF6 6AE



Bromfield Rd, Bromfield SY8 2JR


Clive & Coffyne

Shropshire St, Market Drayton TF9 3BY


Clive Arms [see More Arms]

White Grit, Shelve


Clock Tower

Donnington Wood Way, Donnington TF2 8LE

Beefeater chain


Coach & Horses

Shropshire St, Market Drayton TF9 3DG


Coach & Horses

Swan Hill, Shrewsbury SY1 1NF

Opened 1861. Odley Inns


Coach Inn

Ditherington Rd, Ditherington SY1 4BG


Coalbrookdale Inn

Wellington Rd, Coalbrookdale TF8 7DX


Coalport Tavern

Bridge St, Oakengates TF2 6AH

Thwaites Brewery


Cock [CLOSED 19th Century]

Butcher Row, Shrewsbury


Cock & Greyhound

Bargates, Whitchurch SY13 1LL


Cock Hotel

Holyhead Rd, Wellington TF1 2DL


Cock Inn

B4386, Brockton SY5 9HU


Cock Inn

Main Rd, Hanwood SY5 8LJ


Colliers Arms

Hints, Coreley SY8 3QU


Commercial Inn [CLOSED 1970]

Park Ave, Madeley



Corve St, Ludlow SY8 1DA


Compasses Inn

Beverley Rd, Ketley TF2 6SD


Compasses Inn

Hereford Rd, Bayston Hill SY3 0DZ


Compasses Inn

Long Row, Ditherington SY1 4DE


Coopers Arms [CLOSED 1907]

High St, Madeley


Coracle Inn

Sundorne Rd, Harlescott SY1 4RR

Marstons Brewery


Corbet Arms [see Haughmond]

Pelham Rd, Upton Magna SY4 4TZ


Corbet Arms

Church Rd, Uffington SY4 4SN


Corbet Arms [CLOSED]

High St, Market Drayton


Cottage Spring [CLOSED 2012]

Church St, St George’s


Countess Arms [CLOSED]

A41, Weston Heath


Court House Hotel

Church Stoke SY15 6AF


Craven Arms Hotel

Shrewsbury Rd, Craven Arms SY7 9QJ


Criterion [CLOSED early 20th Century]

High St, Shrewsbury

Opened 1879. Premises taken over by Black Bull in Paradise in 1998


Cromwell’s Bar

Dogpole, Shrewsbury SY1 1EN


Cross Foxes

Longden Coleham, Coleham SY3 7DE


Cross Foxes

The Cross, Gobowen SY11 3JR

Marstons Brewery


Cross Guns [CLOSED]

Crowsnest, Snailbeach


Cross Guns

Rockwell Lane, Pant SY10 9QR

Marstons Brewery


Cross Keys

Glyn Rd, Selattyn SY10 7DH


Cross Keys

North Rd, Llanymynech SY22 6EA


Cross Keys [CLOSED]

Station Rd, Weston Rhyn


Cross Keys Inn

Haybridge Rd, Hadley TF1 5LR


Cross Keys Inn [see Keys]

Overton Rd, St Martins SY11 3AR



High St, Albrighton WV7 3JA

Marstons Brewery



High St, Bridgnorth WV16 4DB

Marstons Brewery


Crown [CLOSED]

Shrewsbury Rd, Cockshutt



Stafford St, Market Drayton TF9 1HX

Marstons Brewery


Crown [CLOSED]

Waterloo St, Ironbridge


Crown & Anchor Vaults

High St, Bishop's Castle SY9 5BQ


Crown & Sceptre Inn

Station Rd, Minsterley SY5 0BA


Crown Country Inn

B4368, Munslow SY7 9ET


Crown Hotel [see Crown]

Stafford St, Market Drayton TF9 1HX


Crown Inn

B4368, Clunton SY7 0HU


Crown Inn

B4368, Newcastle-on-Clun SY7 8QL


Crown Inn

Abbey Foregate, Shrewsbury SY2 6BT


Crown Inn [CLOSED]

Court St, Madeley


Crown Inn

High St, Dawley TF4 2EX


Crown Inn

Longden Coleham, Coleham SY3 7DX

Marstons Brewery


Crown Inn

Main Rd, Hopton Wafers DY14 0NB


Crown Inn

Market St, Oakengates TF2 6EA


Crown Inn

The Green, Wentnor SY9 5E


Crush Wine Bar

Central Square, Telford Shopping Centre TF3 4JL


Cuckoo Oak [CLOSED 1970s]

Bridgnorth Rd, Madeley


Cuckoo Oak

Bridgnorth Rd, Madeley TF7 4JD

Hungry Horse chain


Dandy Lion [see Lion Inn]

Main Rd, Water’s Upton TF6 6NP



A442, Quatford WV15 6QJ


Davenport Arms

Main St, Worfield WV15 5LF

Previously known as Dog Inn


Dicken Arms

Noble St, Wem SY4 5DT


Dickin Arms

Noneley Rd, Loppington SY4 5SR


Dog Inn [see Davenpport Arms]

Main St, Worfield WV15 5LF


Dog & Bull

B5476, Coton SY13 2RA


Dog & Pheasant

Severn St, Shrewsbury SY1 2JA

Marstons Brewery


Dog in the Lane

Astley Lane, Astley SY4 4BU



North Rd, Llanymynech SY22 6ER


Dolphin [CLOSED 2009]

Woodside, Telford


Dolphin Inn

St Michaels St, Shrewsbury SY1 2EZ

Joule’s Brewery


Down Inn

Ludlow Rd, The Down, Harpswood WV16 6UA


Drayton Gate

Aston St, Wem SY4 5AY


Drum & Monkey [see Callow Inn]

Bromlow SY5 0EA


Duck at Allscott

B4394, Allscott TF6 5EQ


Duck Inn

Lower Chorley, Chorley WV16 6PP


Duke of Wellington [CLOSED 1964]

The Tuckies, Jackfield


Duke of York

Hockley Rd, Broseley TF12 5HS


Duke of York

Market St, Oakengates TF2 6DU


Duke of York

Trench Rd, Trench TF2 7DP


Dun Cow

Abbey Foregate, Shrewsbury SY2 6AL


Dun Cow

Duke St, Wellington TF1 1BJ


Dun Cow [CLOSED]

New St, Dawley


Dun Cow [CLOSED}

West St, St George’s


Dun Cow Inn

Trench Rd, Trench TF2 7DU

Marstons Brewery



Harley Rd, Cressage SY5 6DE


Edgmond Lion

Newport Rd, Edgmond TF10 8HH


Efel Inn [CLOSED]

Belan Lane, Trefonen


Ego’s Wine Bar

Quality Square, Ludlow SY8 1AR


Elephant & Castle

High St, Dawley TF4 2ET


Elephant & Castle [CLOSED]

Holyhead Rd, Ketley


Elephant & Castle

Stafford St, St George’s TF2 9JQ



Park Lane, Madeley TF7 5LJ


Ellesmere Hotel

High St, Ellesmere SY12 0ES


Ercall Hotel [CLOSED]

Market St, Wellington


Euston Way

Euston Way, Telford TF3 4LY

Beefeater chain


Exchange Hotel [see Morgan’s]

Bellstone, Shrewsbury SY1 1HU

Opened 1868


Falcon [see Old Orleton Inn]

Holyhead Rd, Wellington TF1 2HA


Falcon Hotel

St John St, Bridgnorth WV15 6AG


Falcon Inn

Wood Lane, Hinstock TF9 2TA


Fallow Field

Hadley Park East, Telford TF1 6QJ

Marstons Brewery


Fat Frog

Wellington Rd, Coalbrookdale

Previously known as Grove Inn



Battlefield Rd, Battlefield SY1 4AB

Marstons Brewery


Feathers Hotel

Bull Ring, Ludlow SY8 1AA


Feathers Inn

B4378, Brockton TF13 6JR


Fighting Cock

High St, Stottesdon DY14 8TZ


Fighting Cocks [CLOSED 1847]

Castle Foregate, Shrewsbury


Flag [CLOSED 19th Century]

Donnington Wood


Folly [CLOSED]

B4176, Stableford


Foresters Arms [CLOSED]

Avenue Rd, Broseley


Foresters Arms

High St, Madeley TF7 5AS


Foresters Arms

Union St, Hadley TF1 5RG


Foresters Arms

Wellington Rd, Horsehay TF4 3BS


Fosters Arms

Mill St, Bridgnorth WV15 5AG


Fountain Inn [CLOSED]

New Rd, Wrockwardine Wood


Four Alls

Newport Rd, Woodseaves TF9 2AP


Four Crosses

Holyhead Rd, Bicton SY3 8EF


Four Crosses Inn

Chester Rd, Shakeford TF9 2SP



High St, Much Wenlock TF13 6AD

Previously known as Fox Inn



High St, Wem SY4 5TT



Pave Lane, Chetwynd Aston TF10 9LQ

Previously known as Fox & Duck. Brunning & Price chain


Fox & Duck [see Duck]

Pave Lane


Fox & Hounds

High St, Cheswardine TF9 2RS

Joule’s Brewery


Fox & Hounds [CLOSED]

High St, Stottesdon


Fox & Hounds [CLOSED}

Walker St, Wellington


Fox & Hounds

Wytheford Rd, Shawbury SY4 4JG


Fox Inn

Church St, Oswestry SY11 2SU

Marstons Brewery


Fox Inn [CLOSED]

Cross Houses


Fox Inn

Great Ryton SY5 7LS


Fox Inn [see Fox]

High St, Much Wenlock TF13 6AD


Fox Inn [CLOSED]

Lyth Hill Rd, Bayston Hill


Frank’s Bar [CLOSED]

Frankwell, Shrewsbury



St Mary’s St, Bridgnorth WV16 4DW

Previously known as Hen & Chickens


Frollies Wine Bar

High St, Whitchurch SY13 1AZ


Gaskell Arms Hotel

Bourton Rd, Much Wenlock TF13 6AJ



B5063, Bratton



Hollybush Rd, Bridgnorth WV16 4AX


George & Dragon

High St, Much Wenlock TF13 6AA


George & Dragon [CLOSED 1970s}

Madeley Rd, Madeley


George Hotel

Bailey St, Oswestry SY11 1PX


General Gordon [CLOSED]

The Werps, Jackfield


Gingerbread Man

Adderley Rd, Market Drayton TF9 3SW

Fayre & Square chain


  Globe Inn [CLOSED 2004]

Market St, Ludlow

Now a Chinese restaurant.


Globe Inn [CLOSED 1861]

Castle Hill, Shrewsbury


Globe Inn [see Smithfield]

Smithfield Rd, Shrewsbury


Golden Ball

New Bridge Rd, Ironbridge TF8 7BA


Golden Cross

High St, Clee Hill SY8 3LZ


Golden Cross Hotel

Princess St, Shrewsbury SY1 1LP

Previously known as the Sextry


Golden Lion [CLOSED]



Golden Lion

Upper Church St, Oswestry SY11 2AA


Golden Lion Inn

High St, Bridgnorth WV16 4DS


Grapes [see Station Hotel]

Castle Foregate, Shrewsbury SY7 9DJ

Mentioned in 1828


Grapes Inn

Welshpool Rd, Bicton Heath SY3 5BH


Granville Arms [CLOSED]

Granville Terrace, Hadley


Grazing Cow

Gresham Drive, Lawley TF3 5ES

Marstons Brewery


Green Dragon [CLOSED]

Barker St, Shrewsbury


Green Dragon [CLOSED 1962}

High St, Hadley


Green Dragon

Ludlow Rd, Little Stretton SY6 6RE


Green Dragon [CLOSED]

Old St, Ludlow


Green Man [CLOSED]



Greyhound [see Horse & Jockey]

Church St, Shrewsbury SY1 1UG

Mentioned in 1780


Greyhound Hotel

Willow St, Oswestry SY11 1AJ


Greyhound Inn

B5069, St Martins SY11 3HD


Greyhound Inn [CLOSED]

Bargates, Whitchurch


Greyhound Inn [CLOSED]

Holyhead Rd, Oakengates


Griffin Inn

Leg St, Oswestry SY11 2NL



Belle Vue, Belle Vue SY3 7NN

Previously known as Grove Hotel, Marstons Brewery


Grove Hotel

Belle Vue Rd, Belle Vue SY3 7NN

See Grove


Grove Inn

B4394, Walcot TF6 5EN


Grove Inn [see Fat Frog]

Wellington Rd, Coalbrookdale


Gullet Inn [CLOSED 1793]

Shoplatch, Shrewsbury


Half Moon

Salthouse Lane Jackfield TF8 7LP


Halfway House

Main Rd, Halfway House SY5 9DG

Marstons Brewery


Halfway House Inn

Cleobury Rd, Eardington WV16 5LS


Hammer Inn [CLOSED 1960s}

Woodside Ave, Madeley


Hanging Gate [CLOSED]

Park St, Madeley


Hare & Hounds [CLOSED]

Watling St, Crackley Bank TF11 8QT


Hare & Hounds

Bernards Hill, Bridgnorth WV15 5AX


Hare & Hounds [CLOSED]



Hare & Hounds

Holyhead Rd, Ketley TF2 6DJ


Hare & Hounds

Walcot Rd, Withington SY4 4PY


Hare & Hounds

Withington SY4 4PY


Harlescott inn [CLOSED 2006]

Whitchurch Rd, Shrewsbury



High St, Bridgnorth WV16 4DX

Previously known as Harp Stores, Marstons Brewery


Harp [see Britannia]

Mardol, Shrewsbury SY1 1PU

Mentioned in 1651


Harp Hotel

High St, Albrighton WV7 3JF


Harp Stores [see Harp]

High St, Bridgnorth WV16 4DX


Harry Hotspur

Harlescott Lane, Harlescott SY1 3AT

Marstons Brewery


Hart & Trumpet [CLOSED]

Station Rd, Gobowen



Southwater Square, Telford TF3 4JG



Pelham Rd, Upton Magna SY4 4TZ

Previously known as Corbet Arms, Marstons Brewery


Havana Republic

Abbey Foregate, Shrewsbury SY2 6AE


Hawkstone Arms Hotel

New St, Wem SY4 5AF



Haygate Rd, Wellington TF1 1QA


Heart of Oak [CLOSED 1960s]

Court St, Madeley



Whitchurch Rd, Harlescott SY1 4DW


Hen & Chickens [CLOSED]

Longden Coleham, Coleham


Hen & Chickens [CLOSED]

Old St, Ludlow


Hen & Chickens [see Friars]

St Mary’s St, Bridgnorth WV16 4DW


Hen & Chickens Inn [CLOSED]

Nant Lane, Morda



Church St, Shifnal TF11 9AA


Henry Tudor House

Wyle Cop, Shrewsbury SY1 1XA



Shrewsbury Rd, Oswestry SY11 2RT

Marstons Brewery


Hinds Head

Main Rd, Norton-in-Hales TF9 4AT



Queen St, Market Drayton TF9 1PS

Wetherspoon chain


Hole in the Wall

Shoplatch, Shrewsbury SY1 1HF

Previously known as Star Vaults and Hughes’ Vaults. In 1985 incorporated premises of the old Market Vaults


Honeysuckle Inn

Beaumaris Rd, Newport TF10 7BN

Marstons Brewery


Hop & Friar

St Julians Friars, Shrewsbury SY1 1XL

Previously the Acorn, Marstons Brewery


Hope & Anchor [see Oddfellows Arms]

Barker St, Shrewsbury

Mentioned between 1828-1835. Previously known as the Slipper.


Horns of Boningale

Holyhead Rd, Boningale, Albrighton WV7 3DA

Marstons Brewery


Horse & Jockey

A41, Grindley Brook SY13 4QJ


Horse & Jockey

B5063, Northwood SY4 5NN


Horse & Jockey

Chirbury Rd, Church Stoke SY15 6AE


Horse & Jockey [see Lord Hill]

Church St, Shrewsbury SY1 1UG

Previously known as the Greyhound


Horse & Jockey [CLOSED]

Church St, Whtchurch


Horse & Jockey

Jockey Bank, Ironbridge TF8 7PD


Horse & Jockey [CLOSED 2012]

Old St, Ludlow


Horse & Jockey Inn [CLOSED]

Stretton Rd, Much Wenlock


Horseshoe Inn

Llanyblodwel SY10 8NQ


Horseshoe Inn

Roman Rd, Uckington SY4 4UL



Main Rd, Ketley TF1 5AE


Horseshoes Inn

B5476, Tilstock SY13 3NR


Horseshoes Inn

Main Rd, Dorrington SY5 7JD


Horseshoes Inn

Minsterley Rd, Pontesbury SY5 0QJ


Housmans Bar

High St, Church Stretton SY6 6BX


Howard Arms

Derrington Rd, Ditton Priors WV16 6SQ


Hughes Vaults [see Hole in the Wall]

Shoplatch, Shrewsbury SY1 1HF


Hundred House

B4368, Purslow SY7 0HJ


Hundred House Hotel

Bridgnorth Rd, Norton TF11 9EE



Wellington Rd, Little Wenlock TF6 5BH

Previously known as Huntsman’s Inn


Huntsman’s Inn [see Huntsman]

Wellington Rd, Little Wenlock TF6 5BH


Inn at Grinshill

High St, Grinshill SY4 3BL


Inn at Shipley

Bridgnorth Rd, Shipley WV6 7EQ


Inn on the Green

Bank Farm Rd, Meole Brace SY3 6DU

Marstons Brewery


Inn on the Green

The Green, Wentnor SY9 5EF


Iron Horse [CLOSED]

King St, Wellington



High St, Broseley TF12 5EZ



Church St, Oswestry SY11 2SP


Jack Mytton Inn

Hindford SY11 4NL



Victoria Rd, Shifnal TF11 8AF

Previously known as Archways Inn and Union


Jemingham Arms [CLOSED 2000]

Park St, Shifnal


Jester Inn [CLOSED]

Broad St, Ludlow


Jewel of the Severn

High St, Bridgnorth WV16 4DS

Wetherspoon chain


Joiners Arms

Shrewsbury St, Market Drayton TF9 3DN

Marstons Brewery


Kangeroo Inn

Clun Rd, Aston-on-Clun SY7 8EW



Overton Rd, St Martins SY11 3AR

Previously known as Cross Keys Inn


Kings Arms [CLOSED 2007]

Ingram Lane, Sutton, Chelmarsh


Kings Arms

High St, Church Stretton SY6 6BY


Kings Arms [CLOSED]

High St, Claverley


Kings Arms

Shropshire St, Market Drayton TF9 3DA


Kings Arms [CLOSED]

Stafford St, St George’s


King’s Arms Hotel

Church St, Cleobury Mortimer DY14 8BS


Kings Head

Chetwynd End, Newport TF10 7JJ


Kings Head

Church St, Bishop’s Castle SY9 5AA


Kings Head

Church St, Oswestry SY11 2SP


Kings Head

High St, Madeley TF1 5NG


Kings Head [CLOSED]

High St, Wellington


Kings Head

Mardol, Shrewsbury SY1 1PP


Kings Head [CLOSED 1960s]

Roushill, Shrewsbury


King’s Head

Shrewsbury Rd, Market Drayton TF9 3EH

Marstons Brewery


King’s Head Hotel

Whitburn St, Bridgnorth WV16 4QN


Kremlin Inn

A4117, Clee Hill SY8 3NB


Kynaston Arms [CLOSED]


Mentioned in 1840


Kynnersley Arms

B4380, Leighton SY5 6RN


Lakehead Inn [CLOSED]

Waterloo St, Ironbridge


Lakeside Tavern [see Mallard]

Homer Lake, Stirchley TF3 1LE


Lamb [CLOSED 19th Century]

Butcher Row, Shrewsbury


Lamb Inn

Moss Rd, Wrockwardine Wood TF2 7BH


Lamb Inn

Shrewsbury Rd, Edgmond TF10 8HU


Last Inn

Upper Hengoed, Weston Rhyn SY10 7EU


Last Inn

Wellington Rd, Church Aston TF10 9EJ

See Aston


Last Orders

Watergate St, Whitchurch SY13 1DW


Lea Cross Tavern

A488, Lea Cross SY5 8HR


Leaking Tap

Shrewsbury Rd, Cockshutt SY12 0JQ


Lime Kiln

A495, Porth y Waen SY10 8LX


Lion Hotel