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Over the years there have been many religious beliefs held by the people who lived in Shropshire. The most prevalent today is Christianity and signs of this religion are everywhere in the many churches and chapels spread around the county. However, there were other widely held beliefs before Christianity even came to Britain. The Christian belief in a single god overcame the old religions and they attempted to wipe them out by terming them pagan.  At the same time, they destroyed many of the artefacts and buildings of the old religions or took them over themselves. Many churches are built on the site of an earlier “pagan” religious establishment. It is perhaps ironic that famous Christian celebrations like Easter and Christmas are actually based on old Celtic festivals.


Due to the lack of local artefacts and documentation, much of what this website will say about the other religions is necessarily generic. However, it can safely be assumed that practices and festivals celebrated elsewhere in Britain were the same in Shropshire.